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Wednesday, February 27, 2019
What is Cross-Eye Dominance?
Is cross-eye dominance the reason you're having trouble using iron sights? Cross-eye dominance is a frustrating situation where the eyes fool the shooter into thinking the iron sights are aligned with the target. 

Discovering Your Dominant Eye

If your shots consistently stray either right or left of the target, the issue may be cross-eye dominance. Here's how to find out.
  1. Choose an object in the room as your "target”. 
  2. Extend your arm and make a circle with your index finger and thumb, using it to frame the target. 
  3. Close your left eye, then switch with your right. 
  4. As you perform the test, you may notice that the target stays inside the circle with one eye, and strays outside of it with the other. Your dominant eye is the one that keeps the target inside the circle.

Almost everyone has a dominant eye, but those whose eye dominance is opposite of the hand they use to grip a firearm and squeeze a trigger can run into accuracy problems on the range.

Overcoming Cross-Eye Dominance Issues

You can shoot accurately despite cross-eye dominance. Three common solutions include using red dot sights, training your eye to overcome the issue, and learning to shoot offhand. Here's how each one can help. 
  1. Red dot sights are an effective solution for many shooters. By keeping both eyes open, the non-dominant eye can focus on the reticle and the dominant eye on the target. 
  2. Training the non-dominant eye works for some shooters. Using an eye patch or a piece of tape on the lens of your glasses forces the non-dominant eye to take over. 
  3. Learning to shoot offhand is a skill you won't regret, and many shooters eventually become naturals.

Try each technique until you find a method that works for you. For more tips and gear, contact Dark Hour Defense.
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