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Monday, April 22, 2019
How to Remove a Glock Slide in 7 Easy Steps

You've been asking how to remove the slide from a Glock pistol, and we're here to help. The good news is that Glocks aren't just precise and reliable--they're also easy to handle, which means there are only a few steps you'll need to learn in order to perform this procedure simply and safely. Let's get started!

Removing a Glock Slide

Step 1: Perform a Safety Check

It's always smart to make sure your Glock is unloaded and no bullet is chambered before maneuvering the slide or trying to clean anything. Stay safe!

Step 2: Press the Eject Button

The eject button on a Glock can be found below and behind the trigger guard. Press this button to release the magazine, then remove it from the handle and set it aside.

Step 3: Pull the Slide Back

If there's a bullet in the firing chamber, pulling the slide back will eject it. Don't skip this step, even if you've already performed your safety check--it's important to be sure you're working under entirely safe conditions.

Step 4: Point the Gun at the Floor and Pull the Trigger

This will release the Glock's hammer and free you up to continue working.

Step 5: Pull the Slide Back Slowly

You'll want to pull the slide back about 1/8th of an inch, making sure the trigger appears "pulled" the whole time. If the trigger isn't in the "pulled" position, pull the slide back fully and repeat step number 4.

Step 6: Locate the Slide Lock

This can be found on the left and right side of the Glock. It's a small switch above the trigger guard. You'll want to pull this all the way down, gripping both sides with your thumb and forefinger.

Step 7: Push the Slide Forward

You should be able to push the slide all the way forward and then release it carefully from the gun's frame. Once done, your slide is released.

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