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Tuesday, January 29, 2019
How to Pick a Handgun that Fits Your Grip
Before you consider which brand and caliber of the defensive handgun you’d like to purchase, you first need to determine which pistol best fits. The grip of a handgun will determine your comfort and control with the gun, so getting this right is critical. Another consideration to take into account for this conversation is the weight and caliber of the gun. 

A Volkswagen Beetle would not be the best pick for an NBA center in the same way, a firearm too big or too small might not be right for your hand or grip strength. Different guns are better suited for different shooters, so we’ve put together this blog to help you know if a gun fits well in your hands.

Finding the Right Size

When gripping a handgun, it is essential that the back of the grip is placed against the web of your hand. This will force the recoil of each shot to be primarily absorbed by the larger bones of your arm. 

If the gun is too big, the chances are that you have had to reposition your hand to reach the trigger, leaving the back of the grip placed against your thumb, rather than the web of your hand. This might not be a problem for one shot, but multiple fires of the handgun could lead to a thumb injury. Before purchasing a handgun, ensure that you can comfortably reach the trigger without having to position your hand dangerously. 

Getting a gun that is too small can lead to inaccurate shooting. Ideally, your index finger should land on the trigger on the pad of your finger, between the tip and the first finger joint. If you have too much of your finger on the trigger, it can lead to the handgun being pulled strongly in one direction or the other. 

Getting the correct grip size is extremely important, especially in defense situations. To learn more about practical shooting tips, you can reach Dark Hour Defense anytime.

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