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Wednesday, January 23, 2019
Get a Grip – How to Shoot Accurately
Tips on shooting accuracy
It sounds simple, but one of the most fundamental elements of accurate shooting is proper hand placement and grip pressure. For most struggling shooters, their accuracy issues come down to violating one of these fundamentals. 

Learning how to develop a consistent hand placement and grip pressure will not only affect accuracy but will also help the shooter appropriately absorb the recoil of the handgun. Being able to establish this grip is vital from the time that the pistol is in the holster, so be sure to use a holster that allows for the proper grip. 

Grip and Defense

A firm grip plays an essential role in grasping a handgun for defense and retention. Once a shooter has a good, firm grasp on the hold, it is crucial that the same amount of pressure is applied through each shot. The natural tendency will be to tighten the grip as you continue to shoot, but that will affect where the bullet lands as the gun is pulled one direction or another. 

The right amount of consistent pressure will result in accurately hitting your target in a tighter grouping. Whether you are target shooting or defending yourself against an intruder, controlling your grip pressure can make or break your shot. 

Grip and Moisture

Another factor that often affects someone’s grip is the moisture on their hands. On a mild, dry day one might not have any issues grasping the handle of a handgun, but on a warmer, humid day a shooter will adjust their grip to compensate for the moisture. If the handgun feels slick and loose in their hand, they will tighten their grip, affecting the result of their shot. 

Grip and Recoil

If a shooter is not confident in their grip, they will often attempt to manage the recoil by pushing the gun forward as they shoot – this is often called “flinching.” Flinching is a difficult habit to break, but with proper hand grip, it can be controlled. 
Another great way to help with recoil if you are a Glock owner is to use a stand-off device While the stand-off device will never remove recoil, it will help mitigate the recoil upon discharge.

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