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Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Developing Good Shooting Habits: The Pistol Grip
Pistol grip and shooting accuracy
For handgun shooting, the thumbs forward grip has become the standard for accurate shooting. This grip plays a vital role in developing good habits for shooters. Although it is a standard grip choice by many shooters, others might not understand why they use the thumbs forward grip over other techniques.
In today’s blog, we’d like to explore why the thumbs forward grip is so useful for pistol shooting.
Several factors make the thumbs forward grip an effective shooting technique. The grip starts at the hands and works all the way through the shoulders. This form helps a shooter stabilize the gun, control the gun’s recoil, and refrain from malfunctions.
Here are the various details to the grip and how they help a shooter have controlled, precise shot:
Strong Hand Placement
By placing one’s hand as high as possible on the pistol grip while avoiding the gaps between the webbing of the shooter’s fingers and the grip. The remaining fingers wrapped on the grip push up towards the trigger guard. This should ideally create a straight line from the radius bone through the front and rear sights.
Support Hand Placement
Equally as important as the strong hand, the support hand is placed so a straight line could be formed from the thumb to the radius bone. The remaining four fingers on the support hand should be placed in the space between the frame of the pistol and the fingers wrapped around the grip at approximately a 45-degree angle. The tip of your strong hand’s thumb should align with the base of your support hand’s thumb, creating a straight line over the trigger guard.
Elbow Form
To better absorb the recoil from the pistol, a shooter’s elbows should remain slightly bent. This allows the recoil of the gun to absorb backward towards the shooter rather than upwards toward the sky, giving more control to the shooter.
Shoulders Form
To tighten your shoulders to stabilize your arms, a shooter should roll their shoulders forward to engage their shoulder muscles. This will help lower the effect of recoil and give more stability to the shooter.
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