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Monday, January 21, 2019
Accuracy and Buttstocks
Accuracy and Buttstocks
Whether you are involved in competitions or are an avid gun and shooting enthusiast, you are always looking for tips and tricks to improve accuracy when shooting. Today we are going to talk about AR buttstocks and how they can help boost your aim, but also make shooting a better experience. 
There are two major types of buttstock or “stock” that you can choose to go with on your AR-15 or AR-10 type rifle. Adjustable stock or fixed. This blog post is specifically going to address the advantages of the adjustable buttstock. 
Adjusting Stock to Fit You
Choosing to go with the adjustable buttstock has two essential benefits over a fixed stock. First, they are collapsible for easy storage. Second, the buttstock can be adjusted to each shooter’s specific needs fairly easily. 
One of the only drawbacks with having an adjustable stock is that the stock can be set either too short which will not allow the rifle to meet the shoulder correctly allowing for the rifle’s recoil to be uncontrolled. If the stock is set too long, the shooter can’t get a good shoulder mount on the rifle, thus making it harder for the shooter to get a solid hold on the rifle and negatively impacting accuracy.
To avoid setting your stock too short or too long, there is a useful method for getting your stock set to your ideal length. 
  1. Hold the rifle by its pistol grip with your firing hand
  2. Adjust the buttstock so that it touches your joint between your forearm and your bicep
  3. Set the buttstock
  4. Now regrip your rifle with both hands and place it up against your shoulder 
  5. Let go of the pistol grip
  6. You should be able to easily support the rifle between your shoulder and your supporting hand (be sure to keep your shoulder square and engaged)
After going through these steps, you can now fine tune your length of pull with target practice. 
Build Your Right Buttstock 
If you are considering moving from a fixed stock to an adjustable stock, we carry buffer kits for both the AR15 and the 308. Or if you have questions about what kit is right for your needs, drop us a line, we are here to help.
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